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Feeder: A Love Story Is Hard to Stomach


How much brownie mix and pizza would you have to eat before you gained 700 pounds? If that question excites your imagination, you might have an appetite for Feeder: A Love Story, James Carter’s insipid new play for TerraNova Collective now running at Here. Jesse (Jennifer Conley Darling), an obese middle-aged woman, lies convalescing in a hospital bed after making husband Noel (Pierre-Marc Diennet) her feeder/master for the past nine months. Conveniently, since Jesse has become immobile due to her heft, the Gotham couple earn a living partly by blogging about their fatty-food sexploits and Jesse’s goal of growing to 1,000 pounds under Noel’s spooning. (Spectators can view the posts online before the show, though they don’t add much to this story.)

Feeder tries hard to titillate by flaunting obesity taboos in matter-of-fact tones, but also insists, tediously, that this half-sketched relationship’s trajectory is emotionally compelling. Ultimately, however, Carter’s overreliance on video-diary monologues kills the drama by stating or explaining details we could have observed or surmised. Director Jose Zayas offers nine video screens but no reason to watch them, and the whole nutrient-free enterprise left me feeling bloated myself, like a theatrical equivalent of a deadly junk-food binge.