Food Truck Permit Costs Are Through the Roof; Egg Whites v. Yolks


Demand and prices for food-truck permits are skyrocketing — and driving the cost for black-market permits up, too.
[Wall Street Journal]

A crazy — although not exactly new — diet fad involves injecting oneself with a pregnancy hormone and eating 500 calories per day. [NY Times]

Food experts Nick Anderer, Danny Meyer, and Eli Zabar debate the use of egg whites versus yolks.
[NY Times]

Ian Schrager has sent a cease-and-desist to Crate & Barrel after the furniture company introduced a sofa named after the hotelier.
[NY Post]

Chipotle was downgraded by a Jefferies analyst after shares fell 3.2 percent due to higher food and labor costs.

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