Manganaro’s, Cupcake Stop May Not Be Dead After All


It seems that news of the demise of Manganaro’s Grosseria may have been a tad overstated. Following a Wall Street Journal article headlined “Eatery Closes After Decades-Long Family Spat,” the shop’s proprietor says it’s not closing.

Speaking with The New York Observer, Seline Dell’Orto was somewhat emphatic in her desire to set the record straight: “We’re not closing! … No one said that to that idiot reporter!”

Dell’Orto, whose father Sal Dell’Orto made the decision to sell the Manganaro’s building, was slightly more equivocal about keeping the century-old Italian grocery open. On the one hand, “People don’t want this food. They don’t. They want pan-Asian fusion food.” On the other, “Why not? Because it’s 120 fucking years old and it’s beautiful.”

Less vocal about the reported closure of his business is Lev Ekster, whose Cupcake Stop announced via Twitter earlier this week that it would cease operations. Midtown Lunch noticed that the bakery has deleted its closure announcements from Twitter and Facebook and also resurrected its website, which now says that “CupcakeStop is on hiatus. Sorry for any inconvenience.” And even though Ekster isn’t talking, ML heard that he’s pursuing other opportunities. Whether they’ll involve buttercream remains to be seen.