Michael White Teams Up with Tupperware to Launch TupperClub


While Chris Cannon has had to shutter his two acclaimed restaurants, after the divorce from his chef-partner, Michael White, White is doing fine. In fact, he’s doing well enough to take time out to shill for Tupperware with a “unique pop-up dining experience called the TupperClub.”

Per a press release, the “invitation-only event” will take place in the penthouse of the Setai Hotel on March 15 and 16, and will feature dishes by the Osteria Morini and Ai Fiori chef “prepared using a variety of innovative Tupperware products.” These include the Quick Chef hand-operated, electricity-free food processor and Chef Series knives and cookware. And leftovers, presumably, can be kept in burpable containers.

Eater is in on the whole thing, offering access to the event to the winner of its best-haiku contest. The theme? Most awkward dinner party experiences ever had. Um, does

a star chef hosting
a Tupperware party rank?
We like to think so.