Natalie Cole Duets With Real Housewife


I hear Grammy winning Natalie Cole sang a duet with one of the Real Housewives for the cameras — and I don’t think it’s the same duet Natalie did with her father’s beloved ghost.

Anyway, producers will now be screaming, “Foul! You’re leaking!” but the reality is:

(1) I wasn’t there when it happened, so I certainly didn’t sign any nondisclosure form about it.

(2) I’m being nice enough to not even say which housewife it was, so as to leave some lovely mystery in the reality-show air.

(3) Supposedly, the footage shot for this season of the show was so dull that they’re frantically trying to salvage whatever they can from it, so maybe the duet won’t even make it to the air.

In any case, if I’m leaking, I’d better go deal with it.