NYC Traffic: The Worst in the Country


New Yorkers, it’s time to rejoice in our misery and impatience! All of those long tedious hours stuck in standstill traffic are finally paying off. New York City was unfortunate to have two honors bestowed upon it: the worst single roadway in the country and the worst bottleneck in the country! Although Los Angeles is still the most gridlocked city in the nation, NYC is set to become number one soon enough. This all according to data released Tuesday by INRIX, an institute that studies traffic information. So what are the two worst places to drive in New York City?

The most congested traffic corridor in the country is the 11-mile part of the Cross Bronx Expressway in the Bronx that leads to the George Washington Bridge. The worst bottleneck in the country is exit 4B — that’s the one you take to get to the Bronx River Parkway off the Cross Bronx Expressway.

We looked up the bottleneck on Google Maps and could only find a strange blinding white light:

We think that must be the source of the island’s power from Lost. That should probably get taken care of before things get confusing for these already impatient commuters.

[via New York 1 & Daily Intel]