One of Our ‘Ten Worst Tenants’ Has Seizure While Being Sentenced


Julienne Sialeu — named in this week’s cover story as one of the city’s Ten Worst Tenants — was convicted yesterday of making false statements after a one-day bench trial in District Court in Lower Manhattan. The judge, Denise Cote, did not actually finish delivering the verdict against her because Sialeu — a Coney Island hairdresser who stole about $36,000 from the city’s Housing Authority by pretending to live in an apartment that she actually did not live in — had what appeared to be a seizure while the verdict was being read. She slid down to the floor in the middle and went into spasms and convulsions, reports her attorney, Steve Frankel. She was taken to a hospital in downtown Manhattan.

“She’s a very troubled woman that had some serious psychiatric issues that affect her behavior,” Frankel tells the Voice.

Because the verdict was interrupted, she is yet to be sentenced.

The city’s Department of Investigation confirms the incident but does not have comment.