This Week in the Voice: Bad Tenants and Gnarly Neighbors


This week in the Voice, Elizabeth Dwoskin introduces us to New York’s 10 worst tenants. Scam artists, murderers, and hoarders all make this list of nightmare neighbors. Next time you feel like complaining because the people upstairs are playing their music too loud, be thankful you don’t live next to the Christopher Street tenant whose apartment “smelled like a toxic garbage dump. The odors wafted through the hallways, and [her] neighbors taped their own doors to try to keep the smell out of their apartments.”

Hungry? Food man Robert Sietsema goes to Heartbreak to enjoy German chef Ingrid Roettele’s return to the East Village. In a city that isn’t short on German fare, “never has there been anything quite like Heartbreak, which seeks to elevate the culinary status of peasant classics.

A stone’s throw downtown in the Lower East Side, Lauren Shockey dines at Cocoron, an eatery “poised to change the city’s noodlescape.

J. Hoberman watches Iranian modernist Abbas Kiarostami’s Certified Copy, a film “so fluid, it might easily be mistaken for facile.” Meanwhile, Karina Longworth takes in Cary Fukunaga’s version of Jane Eyre and enjoys this particular adaptation, “an intimate, thoughtful epic.

Also, Rob Harvilla has your SXSW Cheat Sheet, a must-read if you’re making it down to Austin.

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