Unfollow Charlie Sheen on Twitter on Friday! Voices From the Movement


Have you unfollowed Charlie Sheen on Twitter yet? If not, are you prepared to? You have two more days to decide before Worldwide Global Unfollow Charlie Sheen on Twitter Day, a day of reckoning, a day of justice, a day to end enabling. We’ve given you our reasons for unfollowing (spelling “Korner” with a “k” sticks in our craw — with a c — big time), but everyone is entitled to their own. We spoke to some other folks who believe in the cause, because who better to explain a power-of-the-people movement like Unfollow Charlie Sheen on Twitter Day than the people themselves? Here’s what they had to say.

One informal group has been promoting the hashtag #unfollowcharlie to get out the word. Kelly Marshall, Rose Spork, and Sydney Butvick talked to us about why. Marshall explains,

About 10 or so ladies, who are connected only through the Internet and a message board, were outraged by seeing friends of ours, celebrities we admire, people we barely know, and mere strangers seem to get a rush or a thrill out of watching Charlie Sheen’s decline. These same women push each other daily to be strong, independent, powerful women. We support one another. Our outrage led to a “let’s do something” and we immediately took to Twitter. I have a mere 100 followers or so. Rose the same. But within MINUTES, we saw that our campaign had legs — strong, beautiful legs! We sent messages to everyone we followed, in hopes of a prominent enough Retweet.

Like us, the #unfollowcharlie movement believes there’s more than one reason to unfollow. As Marshall continued:

I have to be honest. Charlie’s history of repeated abuse towards women is deplorable. It’s the entire point of this campaign. However, a nice added benefit is that maybe we can hold our comedians to a higher standard. It’s not hilarious to repeat “winning” at the end of every joke. It’s not hilarious to auto-tune his tirades and post on YouTube. It’s not hilarious to talk of tiger blood. Work harder, funny people!

Then there’s #makeitstop, another informal Twitter movement. This one is led, as it were, by Keith Stoeckeler, anti-Train activist. He told us,

Ever want to put a stop to something? The Internet gives us all a voice. Charlie Sheen had his week. It’s over, and we should all collectively move on. The fact that America is hanging on his every word and action is a damn shame. When you become a verb, it has gone too far. Get on with your life America. Cut the chord. Unfollow Charlie Sheen.

Finally, our Twitter pal @LilEsBella gave us an additional good-as-any reason to unfollow:

He also needs to stop mentioning Tiger Blood lest we have another situation at a Zoo where some drunken college boys stick their legs into the Tiger exhibit because they want some “Tiger Blood.” It could happen, just saying 🙂

We know, it’s not easy. As Butvick says, “For every supportive tweet, there have been plenty of #getbackinthekitchens (in reaction to International Women’s Day), or replies that we were overreacting. It’s an uphill battle.”

But there’s hope! Martin adds, “Perhaps for more people, Friday will be the point where they say to themselves ‘You know what, this stopped being funny a while ago. I don’t feel good about watching this happen. It is time to #unfollowcharlie.'”

Do it. Do it for America!

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Unfollow Charlie Sheen on Twitter Day: Do It for America!