5 More Reasons to Unfollow Charlie Sheen on Twitter This Friday: His Defenders Speak


Why should you unfollow Charlie Sheen on Twitter tomorrow? Sometimes it’s best to let the other side speak. Here are 5 commenters who feel strongly that Worldwide Unfollow Charlie Sheen on Twitter Day is an awful, horrible, nasty, vicious idea, detrimental to Charlie, to men, to the freedoms we hold dear, and to our future as American citizens. We’ll let them explain why.

5. We all deserve to be drug-addicted, violent men who will probably kill ourselves, and possibly others, sooner rather than later.

How about you let the man live it up especially if he’s nearing the end of his career…so what if he’s talking nonsense and practically saying things that are on most of our minds but we are too afraid to say..DO NOT UNFOLLOW CHARLIE SHEEN! These clowns are just mad that someone with a past full of drugs, prostitutes, porn stars, violence, etc is getting so much attention…Don’t we all deserve a 2nd 3rd or even 4th chance? Maybe maybe not, but one thing we all deserve is going out with a BANG!

4. Charlie Sheen is “following his heart.”

Charlie is one man following his heart. If you don’t like it, don’t follow him. Heaven forbid someone does something different! You are the problem, trying to censor people who think outside the box. So what if he doesn’t fit your definition of what a man/father should be? I say more power to Charlie Sheen. Live the life you want to and stay out of everybody’s way.

3. It’s not a crime! (Is it?)

Beeing successful as an actor and making loads of money from that is not a crime, is it?

Having a respectful amount of narcisism is also not a crime. As well as beeing an epic douchebag.

Ok, having sex with porn stars is unethical but still not a crime.

Doing drugs is a crime but who doesn’t.

But beeing Charlie Sheen and having all of the above is definately a crime, so let’s all unfollow him on tweeter and give him a lesson….

Duh….Get a life …

Seriously….get one now before it’s too late….

2. Anyone who wants to unfollow Charlie Sheen on Twitter must be a woman who hates men.

How did I know this story was written by a woman before I even looked? You are definitely #notwinning.

1. Chillax! Down the road, this will all be good for Sheen’s kids.

Perhaps Sheen’s kids will grow up feeling free to be themselves, just like their father is being true to himself.

Giving a child permission to be themselves is one of the greatest gifts a parent can impart to their children.

Hey, we all (well, most of us) have the right to our own opinions, which is why you can choose to follow or not to follow on Friday, or get a jump-start and do it now. But as Charlie sues his former employer for $100 million (claiming they fired him while he was sick) and tries to get a $10 million book deal (plus, there’s poetry), and generally continues in his downward spiral — quite possibly, taking Twitter with him by turning it into a minefield of celebrity sponsorships and placement — a little unfollow can do a lot to restore some good sense to the world.

It’s in all of our hands. Do it for America.

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