Alice in Wonderland Is Now Jane Eyre


Rising star Mia Wasikowska had a great year in 2010, as the title character in Tim Burton‘s eye-popping Alice in Wonderland and as the inquisitive daughter in The Kids Are All Right.

And Mia isn’t exactly MIA this year, either.

She stars in Cary Fukunaga‘s melancholy, effective version of Jane Eyre and told me she thinks she’s the youngest person to play the role on film.

“Cary brought a fresh energy to it,” Mia said at the premiere last night. “We felt like kids who’d gotten ahold of a classic work of English literature. We felt very cheeky!”

Her take on Jane is appropriately transitioning yet strong-willed.

“In my mind,” she said, “Jane was an adult. Then I read the book and the first thing that struck me is that when you first see her, she’s 18!

“I was struck by her strength and sense of self.”

But technically, Mia was already too old for the part.

“I was 19,” she told me, smiling, “so I already had a year on her!”

That’s OK. Fukunaga loved working with her and hottie co-star Michael Fassbender and laughingly told the crowd, “If the Academy proved anything, it’s that no one ever gets tired of English accents — so here we are again!”