Bodies Stuffed in Trunk of Parked Car in Brooklyn May Be Jersey Couple Who Vanished


The bodies of two people found stuffed in the trunk of parked car in Brooklyn on Wednesday evening are probably those of a Jersey couple who have been missing for two weeks.

Evande (Cassy) Orna, 39, and her boyfriend Troy Edwards, 40, had left Plainfield to pick up a relative in Richmond, Virginia. No word from them since. Cops in Virginia say the pair may have made it to a Richmond apartment Edwards frequented. Red-stained sheets and other creepy evidence of a possible crime were found there more than a week ago.

But how the car was spotted in Brooklyn is very strange.

As the Daily News reports:

A relative of Edwards said his baby’s mother spotted the silver 2011 Nissan Altima near Snyder St. with a parking ticket on the windshield dated Feb. 28.

The car’s license plate matched the plate of a car the couple was last seen driving.

“[She] happened to be driving by and saw the car and called police,” the relative said.

Meanwhile, Orna’s mom, Veronica Ramessar, has been beside herself with grief. Before Wednesday evening’s discovery, she told the Newark Star-Ledger: “I’m feeling lost, lonely, helpless. If she’s dead, I just want to know.

That was last Saturday, after cops had requested a DNA sample from her for possible future identification. Richmond, Virginia, cops found plenty of evidence in an apartment there that Edwards was known to frequent:

Among the forensic evidence taken from the scene on March 1, the station reported, were red-stained sheets, a stun gun, Duct tape and packaging materials, scales, baggies, as well as fingerprints and carpet samples.

Drug-dealing paraphernalia, blood, a stun gun in Virginia; two dead bodies in the trunk of a car in Brooklyn. Grim. Plus this from Ramessar last Saturday:

Ramessar said Orna, 39, and Edwards, 40, have dated on and off for nearly two decades. Recently, Orna told her mother that “my heart and soul are with Troy.”

Yet, Ramessar said she has her reservations about Edwards.

“I don’t think he did anything (with Orna),” she said. “(But) I don’t like him.”