Brooklyn Girl Burns Classmate With Acid Over Older Man or Nail Polish


A 16-year-old girl from Fort Hamilton High School was arrested and charged with assault today for pouring hydrochloric acid on the “head and face” of a 15-year-old classmate in chemistry class. This is not, from what we can tell, viral marketing for Mean Girls 2 (straight to DVD) or nostalgia for Heathers, The Craft, or the rest of that perfect film genre, but rather a fight over a real live boy. Or, uh, man — he’s 22. Or nail polish!

Zhanna Smsarian attacked Albina Eshimbaeva with the dangerous substance, which was luckily diluted for use around hormonal kids, for “stalking” a 22-year-old Staten Island guy, who briefly dated the victim, according to the Daily News. He then told his “friend” Smsarian about the failed relationship and told her to “do what she had to do.” She thought she had to pour acid on her classmate.

The New York Post leaves out the story of the boy, but quotes a classmate who says, “Zhanna was always flipping out over little stuff,” like nail polish. “Zhana was wearing nail polish and she’s not supposed to, and Albina told. She flipped out. Zhanna’s weird, she’s always flipping out,” said the classmate.

Boy or beauty, acid seems like an overreaction, but maybe she knew it was diluted.

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