Cabbie Sting Reveals Well-Known New York Fact: Drivers Hate Leaving Manhattan


Because it’s not enough to take the word of a bunch of Brooklynites or Bronx-goers, the city has employed a sting operation to prove that cabbies frequently refuse to go to boroughs other than Manhattan. They enlisted four college students after becoming concerned that their own enforcement agents were getting recognized as such by cabbies, and sent them out on the town for undercover tests.

Out of 260 trips, the college students were refused transport out of Manhattan half the time.

This info follows the story, earlier this week, of the cab driver who refused a trip to the Bronx and went on to actually hit several of his passengers with his vehicle, then claim that this was all to avoid a $30 fine for getting his car back to the cab lot late. Not cool, sir.

Among the excuses given for not taking passengers:
• Too much traffic
• It will take too long
• Having to pay a fine
• Out of the way
• Not knowing how to get to the destination
• _________________

These are not valid excuses. Via the New York Post,

Bloomberg emphasized that the law requires cabbies to take passengers wherever they want to go within the five boroughs, as well as Westchester and Nassau and Newark Airport.

“It is part of the contract drivers agree to when they take the job,” the mayor said.

Of course, if your driver is going to bitch and complain about all of the above while you have to direct him to your intended destination, you really are better off taking the next cab. And those drivers are better off in another line of work, or should, at the very least, have the decency to just drive on by with their vacancy lights on.

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