HBO’s Mildred Pierce: A Good Review!


Joan Crawford must be rolling because Todd Haynes has apparently done a solid job in adapting Mildred Pierce into a five-hour HBO miniseries that will premiere on March 27.

In the below review, cultural critic Brendan Lemon says he liked Kate Winslet in the title role–she’s right for it, and has the time to flesh it out–and he also gives thumbs up to Brian F. O’Byrne as thoroughly modern Mildred’s first husband.

Plus Lemon sprinkles in comments about Mare Winningham (“a winning ham”), “Oscar F-bomber Melissa Leo,” and Even Rachael Wood as the vicious daughter.

She must be so mean because of her awful experience with Spider-Man!

HBO’s “Mildred Pierce”: My Review [Lemonwade]

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