Julia Roberts Fan Has Had Her Face Tattooed on His Body 82 Times


Just when the dreary weather is really starting to get to you on this Thursday afternoon (chin up, it’s Thursday!) there comes the news that a 56-year-old man in Mexico by the name of Miljenko Parserisas Bukovic has tattoos of Julia Roberts’ face all over his body. There are a lot of Julia Roberts face possibilities! Julia from Pretty Woman; Julia from Erin Brockovich (the actual inspiration for Bukovic’s Julia tattoos); Notting Hill Julia; Mystic Pizza Julia…. All this Julia has apparently cost him $100,000.

Meanwhile, Julia Roberts has zero tattoos of Bukovic’s face on her body, but we’re pretty sure if her handlers ever mess up and tell her about this she will think of him fearfully (with just a hint of “but how do I look?”) each night before she falls asleep.

According to Metro UK,

As long as he has the space on his body and the money, his tattoo tribute will continue.

The Runnin’ Scared team is into this, by the way. A quick survey reveals the following:

Joe Coscarelli’s tattoo would be of Eat Pray Love Julia, but “the eat part — that was the best part.” Nick Greene’s tattoo would be of Pelican Brief Julia. Rebecca Flint Marx, who is a Fork in the Road blogger but sits in fortuitous proximity, would get a Satisfaction Julia tattoo. As for me, well, I’m thinking a Steel Magnolias/Sleeping With the Enemy hybrid. That girl sure has a lot of movies!

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