Knicks Somehow Manage Four Foul Shots … And Still Win


Another tidbit from our periodic examination of the Knicks’ latest box score:

Against Memphis on Wednesday night, Carmelo and Amare and the rest of the fellows somehow scored 110 points in a last-second victory, while managing to attempt just 4 foul shots. (Luckily, they made all four.)

Just 4 foul shots. Kind of incredible. The Grizzlies, meanwhile, scored 108 points, and had 33 opportunities at the stripe.

All of which means one of two things: either the Grizzlies were too involved in hawking the passing lanes for steals, rather than getting a hand up, or, the more likely explanation: the Knicks were settling for jumpers, rather than taking the ball to the rack.

On a night when they once again shot well (53 percent), that strategy can work. But woe betide them when the J’s aren’t falling.

Oh and one other thing, the Knicks racked up 31 assists–that’s 63 in two games. As we said before, if they keep passing to each other like that, they might do some damage.

Now about that defense.