Muammar Gaddafi Has a Secret Cash Stash; Dalai Lama to Step Down from Politics; Victoria’s Secret Bags Make Women Feel Sexy!


Despite an international freeze on much of his country’s assets, Muammar Gaddafi continues to fight rebel forces in Libya thanks to the “tens of billions” of secret cash he has stashed away in Tripoli. This diminishes any impact economic sanctions might have, as well as letting Gaddafi pay “troops, African mercenaries, and political supporters in the face of a determined uprising.” The U.S. national security team met yesterday to discuss how to oust Gaddafi; no decisions were made. Meanwhile, Gaddafi forces detained and beat a BBC news team earlier this week. [NYT, BBC]

The 76-year-old Dalai Lama has announced he will give up his political role in the Tibetan government-in-exile and “shift that power to an elected representative.” China says the Dali Lama is up to no good and just wants to deceive the international community. [NPR]

Union supporters will rally outside the Wisconsin Capitol today, following yesterday’s passing by the state’s Republican-led Senate of Gov. Scott Walker’s “proposed restrictions on collective bargaining for public employees.” [CNN]

Two dead bodies were found in the trunk of a car in Brooklyn last night. They’re thought to be a missing couple from New Jersey. [NBC NY]

There is an actual study that says that walking in public with a bag from Victoria’s Secret will make you feel sexy, even if you don’t wear any of the products. Holding a pen from a prestigious university also made people feel smarter. Oh, humanity. [Telegraph]

The Twilight franchise is suing Bath & Body Works over their “Twilight Woods” products, which feature a “hypnotic fragrance inspired by a romantic walk in enchanted woods.” Sounds like Edward Cullen to us. [NYP]

Don’t miss the Brooklyn Baby Expo this Sunday. Or do. [FIPS]