Now Is the Time of the Eyebrow


The last few years have meant changes in our nation’s cultural acceptance of certain habits typically associated with certain genders. What we’re trying to say is, men can get their eyebrows done, too, now! It’s been a long time coming, as men have struggled with this societal inequality and the fact that their eyebrows can be quite bushy indeed, even, sometimes, long and laughable. What to do in those cases? Now there are options. If you think this is a “girly” treatment, think again. The New York Times, reporting on this “trend,” located Ramy Gafni, a Manhattan eyebrow stylist.

He had this to say:

“I call it ‘guybrows,’ ” Mr. Gafni said. “I don’t create an arch for men. You want to take the weight out of it and groom the brow, but you don’t want it to look ‘done.’ Sometimes I even leave a couple stray hairs so it looks less done, and I would never do that for women.”

And, in fact, male clients seeking “guybrow”-type grooming from him have tripled in the last few years. In Beverly Hills, another expert says guybrows guys make up 20 percent of her clientele. Men are no longer afraid, and can walk in to such appointments with their heads held high, their whiskery above-eye tendrils confident and manly. This is important. It took a while, but here we are. There are even kits for men that let them co-opt the eyebrow shapes of celebrities like Tom Cruise, Sean Connery, and Denzel Washington.

“Before it was all about the beard, all about the goatee, all about the mustache, but the game has changed,” said Carl Kammer, director of product development for Remington. “Fifteen years ago, you wouldn’t have seen a product targeting eyebrows, but now is the time of the eyebrow.”

Noted. Also of interest:
• 63 percent of men regularly trim their ears, noses or eyebrows
• 69 percent trim “down there”
• 44 percent trim their heads
• 40 percent trim their chest
• 31 percent trim their armpits

Let’s all say it together, because we can: NOW IS THE TIME OF THE EYEBROW. Not yesterday, not tomorrow. Now.

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