The Internet Is Judging You For Your Email Account


Uh, here is another reason to cancel your Yahoo! and AOL accounts and upgrade to Gmail stat. Not only have people been judging you silently about your AOL or Yahoo! account for years, an actual survey has been done that’s determined that if you do have such accounts, you are probably a fat woman with a bunch of kids who just likes hanging out at home. Or, as this Daily News headline puts it,

Ouch., the site that determined these “personality traits” of Internet users by surveying 70,000 of them, also found that Gmail was full of “younger, single men armed with iPhones, tech-sense and a college diploma,” as well as well-traveled liberals who live in urban environments.

MSN/Hotmail users tended to be “often single, younger women aged 18 to 34 who live more introverted lifestyles in the suburbs” and like “sweet snacks.” Ouch, again.

Basically, via this survey, the only email that you can really have if you hope to get a job and not be lame is Gmail. BUT! Keep in mind that “although the survey’s data do link domain users to certain demographics, they do not apply to all individuals.” Also, there are other sorts of emails out there that haven’t even been judged publicly yet.

Anyway, Hunch — this seems like pretty low-hanging fruit. What else can you tell us about ourselves that might actually be interesting?

[Via NYDN]