B&H Dairy’s Whitefish Salad Platter: A Nice Way to Consume Marine Life


Although the yellow glare and malfunctioning camera lens don’t do it any justice, the whitefish salad platter at B&H Dairy is an excellent way to consume a week’s worth of marine life.

Priced at $9.50, it’s a study in abundance: The whitefish salad is ladled without restraint onto a bed of shredded iceberg lettuce and diced tomatoes, and accessorized with sliced cucumbers. You can request some of the restaurant’s excellent challah to go with it, which will further your likelihood of both incapacitation and nirvana.

The whitefish itself is adulterated with mayonnaise and bits of scallion and celery, and though we are normally opposed to celery in any form, here its flavor gets swallowed up by the salty, fatty fish so that it contributes only a nice crunch to the proceedings. Lumped onto the challah with the crisp vegetables, it’s refreshing yet formidable — eat it at lunch, and you will be greeted by the overwhelming urge to return to work and take a nap, which will be filled with dreams of finned creatures drifting lazily through a sea of iceberg lettuce.

B&H Dairy
127 Second Avenue

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