Cooper Square Park Won’t Have Any Stinkin’ Food Trucks


Once Cooper Square Park gets its facelift, don’t expect any food trucks to besmirch its shiny new visage.

Per DNAinfo, Community Board 3’s parks committee last night voted on a resolution against any possible efforts by the city to install a vendor at the park, which abuts the southern wall of the Cooper Union. The board worries that a vendor would turn the park into a throbbing vortex of drunken, late-night misbehavior, pose competition for neighborhood businesses, and encourage the park’s already burgeoning rodent population.

One committee member worried that Astor Place would turn into the Meatpacking District, which she touchingly referred to as “the Meat Market.” And while we sympathize with the board’s desire to keep the place from “turning into a zoo,” those worries seem a bit belated, given that the animals have been rattling their cages for a while now.