Exclusive Interview With Drag Race Star!


At least that’s what this was supposed to be when Carmen Carrera‘s rep asked me for a write-up, and I said, “Sure, um, OK.”

But nervy Carmen never bothered to get back to me with the interview answers!

So in desperation, I’m going to have to channel my inner drag contestant and make up the responses myself. Here goes:

Me: Hi, Carmen. What’s your best outfit ever on the show?

Carmen: I don’t know. I don’t watch the show! [giggles]

Me: What will you do if you don’t win? Will you go on a rampage?

Carmen: Will I go on a runway? No! I’m already on a runway! I’ll just go home, I guess.

Me: Oy. You’ve said that you wouldn’t date someone who does drag because of the drama involved. But you’re someone who does drag. Should people not date you?

Carmen: You mean like when they date the milk at Dagostinos? [Pause]

Me: Never mind, dear. Good luck on Drag Race.

Carmen: Don’t you play the race card with me, you shady bitch!