Long Island Jocks Beat Up Weed Dealer, Who Tells Cops and Gets Arrested Too


Three dumb jocks from Long Island pretended like they wanted to buy an ounce of pot, but instead of paying they just beat up the drug dealer and took his stash, with a “knife and a pellet gun” in tow. The weed dealer was so devastated that he hopped in his car to follow the trio and passed a police officer on the way, yelling out to him that he was “robbed of his marijuana.” What a dummy — he should have just followed them home, written down the address and come back later to steal their PlayStation. Instead they all got arrested.

Kristopher Novinski, the 21-year-old dealer, was charged with possession and attempted sale, while Tal Grinbaum, Jacy Baron and Ori Matalon got hit with robbery, conspiracy and weapons possession.

The New York Post reports that Grinbaum has been arrested before, for “stealing $4 from a schoolmate and burning him with a cigarette.”

But most notable is the Long Island detective on the case, who was moved by the physical crime: “They punched him quite a few times. Is it the thrill — the rush of doing it? Or did they just not have the money?” he asked. “We don’t know.”

We may never know.

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