Week In Review: “In Reality, There Is No Greatest of All Time”


“In reality, there is no greatest of all time,” wrote Prodigy, wisely from prison. This sort of wisdom resonates in a week during which Phil Collins says “That’s All” (sort of) to his epic career, and the Dropkick Murphys make a confusing Billboard Top Ten debut with an album called Going Out of Style. And Conor Oberst doesn’t get as drunk before his shows as he used to. “Of all time” is a long time, we know. But we still know all the words to “Bowl of Oranges,” and so nothing can stop us from trying.

For example, we are pretty sure that Wu Tang Clan could be the greatest rap group ever, and even Raekwon can admit that RZA is “still one of the most powerful producers ever.” And even post-stroke, Orange Juice frontman Edwyn Collins is still one of the finest rock singers we can think of.

Park Slope Community Board 6 star player Jennifer McMillen went M.I.A. this week, but that didn’t stop them from being one of the craziest community boards doing it anyways. And for those still concerned about the effects of another “another Yo MTV Raps ‘bling-bling’ vip club,” most of our critics can name most of the hosts from the seminal hip-hop show, and I would bet that more than one of those 15 live in Park Slope.

Shea Stadium owner/founder/soundman Adam Reich worried that picking his Top Ten bootlegged shows from the Brooklyn spot was “like picking your favorite child,” but we made him do it anyways. And our new favorite Mr. Dream bootleg? How about that set from Glasslands.

The Tyondai Braxton show at Lincoln Center was the greatest place to see David Byrne and Bjork in IRL last week, and the Phobia show in the Charleston basement was the best place to feel like an equal opportunity punching bag.

And so maybe there can’t be a greatest of all time, but this week we had fun pretending there might be. And next week is SXSW, and if you’re lucky enough to be attending, we’re pretty sure this cheat sheet can help you have the best time ever. Otherwise, we’ll be back Monday. Happy weekend!