Spider-Man Musical Delayed for Sixth Time


The beleaguered “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark” has had its opening delayed yet again, this time to June 14. And it’ll be closed between April 19 and May 12 so that the cast can become accustomed to the myriad changes being implemented, among them director Julie Taymor’s departure.

If the show actually does start when it says it will, it will have had an unprecedented 180 previews (most musicals have about 30). Which have already been reviewed — negativelyby everyone. I get that $65 million has gone into this, but maybe it’s time for the Spidey team to admit defeat?

The disasters just keep piling up. The Green Goblin got stuck in mid-air above the audience twice this week. Julie Taymor had to be pushed out, to be replaced by the guy who did “The Boy From Oz.” The show is reportedly just awful on a number of different levels.

But — it did pull in $1.3 million dollars last week, coming in second after “Wicked.” So I guess that explains why the hulking, broken thing can’t be put out of its misery yet.