Streisand’s ‘Gypsy’ Movie Is Canceled!


classic musical's script writer Arthur Laurents put the kibbosh on it, as gays of a certain age throw themselves out their windows by the thousand.

Laurents (who wrote Gypsy‘s script) told an interviewer that he originally wanted the project done because he hates the old movie version with Rosalind Russell in the part of Gypsy Rose Lee’s domineering mother.

He felt that with Babs, it would be a way better record of a great show.

And Oscar winner Tom Hooper (The King’s Speech) even wanted to direct! From stuttering to stripping!

But Stephen Sondheim — who wrote the lyrics for Gypsy — convinced Laurents that the theater’s greatest gift is that it’s ephemeral, constantly providing new versions, new productions, new Mama Roses.

He told Laurents that you don’t need a film record of a show. (Certainly not the one of A Little Night Music, lol.)

And so this Gypsy is as kaput as Herbie’s chances of getting married.

I guess that means if Streisand really wants to play the part, she’s going to have to head to a Hempstead dinner theater!