Bronx Bus Crash Survivors Describe Horror


The scenes described by the people who survived yesterday’s Bronx bus accident, in which 14 people were killed and 19 injured, are just awful. The accident happened early yesterday morning when a tractor trailer clipped the bus, causing it to overturn and skid into a pole, effectively cutting the bus in half. One passenger told the Post, “Someone was crying for help . . . One man lost his hands. He was alive when the emergency people took him from the bus. People were crying. People were screaming . . . I saw a lot of death.”


Chung Ninh, 59, recalled dangling in the air and clinging to his seat as the bus lurched onto its side. He and a few other passengers managed to crawl through the hatch in the roof of the bus — clawing through people covered in broken glass and trapped inside the wreckage.

“There was a lot of blood all over the people,” said Ninh.

The Times has an interesting piece about what exactly this bus was doing driving from the Mohegan Sun casino to Chinatown at five o’clock in the morning. The bus belonged to a company called World Wide Tours, which organizes package trips to the casino; for a fee, gamblers are taken to the casino in the evening, spend the night gambling there, and return in the wee hours of the morning. The same driver does both legs of the journey on little to no sleep.

World Wide Travel, the parent company, has been given 35 violations for safety problems in the last year, including driver fatigue. NY1 reports that police are looking into whether the driver of the bus that crashed yesterday fell asleep at the wheel.