15 Year Old Makes a Pop-Up Dinner, Gets Lots of Press


Remember Greg Grossman, the teenage culinary whiz? Well, he’s back, now at the ripe old age of 15. He cooked at The Feast’s Pop Art Pop-Up recently and both BlackBook and Restaurant Girl check in with the wunderkind. He surprisingly sounds like a normal teenage boy, enjoying BonChon chicken and noodles. Except that he also cooks with Ferran Adrià.

One interesting point: The New York Post wrote about him a few months ago, and he revealed that he turned down a television show because “[t]he show would have diluted my message. I wouldn’t have had the respect of anyone in my field.” Interesting he said that, because a look back at some of his prior press clearly reveals that he actually inked a deal for a reality show. Maybe that fell through?

The kid probably has a lot of talent and drive, and has been doing this for several years now. Cultivating a passion is great, and cultivating it into a career even better, but isn’t it odd that he doesn’t seem to have friends his own age? In the BlackBook article, Greg is quoted as saying, “These guys are my best friends,”… gesturing to the young men (yet still much older than Greg) around him. And in the Post he was quoted as saying, “Most of my friends are co-workers who are between 25 and 40 years old.” Sounds a little suspect. Life is lonely at the top, Greg. Remember, it’s OK to have friends your age! Most people become foodies by age 25 … just hold out for one more decade!