Ample Hills Creamery Is Coming Soon, With Self-Pasteurized Ice Cream Mix


Ample Hills Creamery started its life last spring as a cart parked inside the now-defunct Lucas Fine Foods in Park Slope. A few months ago, its founder, Brian Smith, announced that he’d be opening a real, live storefront on Vanderbilt Avenue in Prospect Heights, scheduled to open this spring. And it looks like the store’s on track to open right about when Smith said it would.

Smith emailed earlier today to alert us to some new developments at the store, which he says will probably open in five weeks’ time. The accompanying link he sent to Ample Hills’ Indiegogo fundraiser page provided more details. Chief among them is Smith’s plan to pasteurize his ice cream mix, meaning he’ll take eggs, milk, cream, and sugar, and cook them together in a vat pasteurizer, something he claims is a first for a Brooklyn ice cream parlor.

Pasteurizing the mix — which is the ice cream equivalent of the Mast Brothers’ bean-to-bar chocolate production process — will allow Smith to make numerous custom mixes, which will then be turned into 24 flavors, including salted crack caramel, stout ‘n’ pretzels, and maple bacon. The store will feature a glassed-in production space, so customers can watch as the ice cream is being made, and include a kid-sized stationary bike that can power a hand-cranked ice cream maker on the handlebars, a sort of lactose-oriented version of Habana Outpost’s smoothie bike.

Also on the menu: ice cream cakes. And if the past few months have taught us anything, it’s that it’s only a matter of time before someone decides to pronounce the ice cream cake to be the next cupcake.

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