Anonymous Hackers Release Bank of America Emails in ‘Black Monday’ Leak


Anonymous, the loosely organized hacktivist collective operating lately in support of WikiLeaks, dropped extensive correspondence at 12 a.m. on Monday between employees they claim were working for a previously Bank of America-owned insurance company, Balboa Insurance. According to Anonymous, the leak — led by @OperationLeakS — shows that the bank removed documents from loan files, and subsequently foreclosed on homes faultily. The correspondence is currently collected at, where the leak is being referred to as “Black Monday,” though other sites meant to host the documents, like, are currently down, possibly due to high traffic. “We are confident that his extravagant assertions are untrue,” a Bank of America spokesperson said.

The documents have been confirmed as legitimate by Bank of America, though the company maintains that the emails are merely “clerical and administrative documents stolen by a former Balboa Insurance employee, and were not related to foreclosures,” according to Reuters.

Also included in the Black Monday dump are emails between an Anonymous member and the former employee, amounting to something of an interview, where the hacker asks questions like [sic], “Was there times you wanted to quit when seeing bad things taking place?” The employee calls the bank a “cult” and writes that he believes the they are out to destroy him. “I’m well known throughout Bank of America,” he said via email. “They saw to that when they showed everyone my picture and labeled me as a terrorist.”

The “Black Monday” emails can be downloaded in full here (for now).