Burger King CEO Insults British Food, Women; Josh Ozersky Sings Praises of Margarine


Bernardo Hees, the CEO of Burger King, recently said of England, “The food is terrible and the women are not very attractive,” pissing off both Brits and women. [Telegraph]

A roundup of whole chicken dinners includes the “Million Dollar” whole roast chicken for two at Standard Grill and fire-roasted garlic chicken for two at Locanda Verde. [NY Post]

Sunchokes, the crunchy, nutty tubers native to North America, are cropping up on menus around the country, including at Recette and Highpoint in New York City. [Nation’s Restaurant News]

Jamba Juice is gearing up to roll out new frozen yogurt and breakfast products this year to add to the breakfast platform introduced last year. [Nation’s Restaurant News]

A new study has revealed that women who eat a diet rich in B vitamins have less risk of premenstrual syndrome (PMS). [ABS-CBN News]

Paul Liebrandt made his big-screen debut at SXSW in A Matter of Taste, a new documentary by Sally Rowe. [Wall Street Journal]

Madison Square Gardens is the next arena to get a concession stand facelift, and Knicks and Rangers ticket prices are going up to pay for it. [NY Post]

Josh Ozersky writes a love letter to now trans-fat-free margarine, extolling its advantages over real butter. [Time]

A tour of afternoon tea services around the city includes the Russian Tea Room and Tea & Sympathy. [NY Times]