Facebook Apps Will Hook You Up With Your Friends, Painlessly


After Facebook rapidly pulled stalker app Breakup Notifier, which would notify you whenever the objects of your affection changed their relationship status (i.e., became free to date you), it seems like new Facebook dating apps are popping up all over the place. Once of them, called iWould, allows you to create a list of folks you would date from your Facebook friends. If any of those selected friends also sign up for iWould and choose you, you get notified, and the rest is up to you. We spoke to Matt Donovan, the marketing member of the iWould team, and Tariq Chaudhri, who handles tech and cofounded the app with Jon Budish, to get the details on the love-match app.

Tell us about iWould.

We just launched the Sunday before last. Basically, when you log in, you’re given an opportunity to create you own iWould list of from 1 to 10 people. If anyone from your list creates their own, and you’re on it, there’s a match, and we send both of you an email saying you’ve met your match.

The email looks like this:


Congratulations! One of the people you selected using iWould has selected you back!

To find out who this person is, please click the link below.

Good Luck!

The iWould Team

Can you pick different people, or change your selections around?

You can change the list as often as you want, but if there’s a match, we won’t let you know until it’s existed for several hours, to prevent people from trying to game the system.

Did this stem from Breakup Notifier?

We actually have been working on iWould for over a year now (we started it during our second year at Columbia Business School). We spent quite some time making sure we had the idea and functionality perfected. So there’s absolutely no relation to and it didn’t stem from Breakup Notifier. It was Jon Budish’s idea. He was in business school at Columbia, and there was a girl he was interested in. He wanted to find out if she was interested, too.

Did he end up asking her out?

He actually never got the courage. Later, they had another encounter, but he ultimately decided she wasn’t for him.

How many of you worked on this?

Right now, there are six of us, some working on it full-time.

Are you all signed up for it?

Everyone on our team uses the app. The ones in relationships use it to remind their significant other that they are the only one.

How successful has it been so far?

Our goal was to hit 1,000 users by Sunday, but we’re already at 7,821 users and had matched 110 people as of last night.

What’s next for you guys?

We are really just focused on making iWould as good as can be. We have a great team working on this and a first round of funding to support us. We are very excited about the current shape of the application, and so the immediate future will be about getting the word out to any and everyone about iWould. If we are successful with this, we have a number of ideas that we will look to implement in the future.

Also in the Facebook-love-match app arena is Crush Notifier, which also offers little chance for in-your-face rejection. Technology means you have nothing to lose, kids.

As the iWould Facebook page notes:

Your “iWould List” is 100% private. No one but you will ever see your iWould List. Additionally, no one in your “iWould List” will receive any notification in any form suggesting that they appear in your “iWould List”. Your “iWould List” is for your eyes only!