Fox Deletes ‘Muslims Ban Padded Bra’ Story, But Al-Qaeda Magazine Really Exists


When Pakistan’s version of satirical news source The Onion, known as Roznama Jawani, posted a joke story entitled “‘Padded Bras Are Devil’s Cushions’ says Council of Islamic Ideology,” Fox’s (openly) conservative website Fox Nation was too quick to provide a rewrite, which began in earnest, “The Council of Islamic Ideology in Pakistan has protested the use of padded and colorful bras by Muslim women, and recommended that Pakistani Muslim researchers should try to invent an innerwear that makes female assets unnoticeable.” The truth-seekers at Salon noticed the big oops, which has since been removed. Maybe that’s why Fox Nation is being extra careful with news of a new Al-Qaeda magazine for women. That one, though, appears legit.

According to Salon, the satirical story trickled down through the Internet, via the Indian website, which Fox Nation sources, while cites the jokesters at Roznama Jawani, where other headlines include “Good Pakistani Boys Decide Not To Masturbate To Veena Malik.”

The bra story, in its original form, goes something like this:

“Padded bras are evil as they make the breasts look bigger and perky,” said one of the protesters. “Only devil women show off private parts. Muslim women should be as humble about them as they can. In fact they should be ashamed of their breasts, both of them.” Another protester said that the purpose of underwear is not to accentuate the curves “…especially of a woman’s body the breast should not look like they belong to a non-virgin even if she happens to be married.” he added.

Josh Marshall of Talking Points Memo notes that Fox Nation has done this before, though lazy citations online are often a problem. Luckily, internet skepticism often reveals the hoaxes or mistakes for what they are.

Meanwhile, an Al-Qaeda magazine, “much like Elle or Cosmopolitan,” called Al-Shamikha, or “The Majestic Woman” in English, is reportedly out now and “features a niqab-clad woman posing with a sub-machine gun on its cover,” along with advice on “how to achieve a perfect complexion (stay inside with your face covered),” plus much more, according to the Independent.

Though it sounds unbelievable, the report of the new publication has been spread far and wide today, but is nowhere to be seen on Fox Nation as of this afternoon. We’re left to think they’re taking extra caution with this one, in light of their bra bust.

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