Hipster Trap in NYC Uses PBR, American Spirits to Lure Laughs We Had Years Ago


A street artist rendered a big bear trap out of cardboard and locked it to a New York City sign, according to a post on Reddit yesterday, using pink neon wayfarers, a pack of American Spirits, a fixed gear bike chain and a Pabst Blue Ribbon as bait. Maybe the piece is supposed to be considered retro, because that sounds a lot like 2002. Couldn’t they have at least thrown in an LCD Soundsystem ticket for some topicality, or are we okay with giggling at a strawmanned sort-of-subculture with stagnant jokes?

Or wait! Does rolling our eyes at late, Urban Outfitters-appropriated signifiers make us… you know, um. Ha, ha, look over there, at that fucking hipster!

Here’s the art in full:

And again, the Reddit thread, which (d)evolved into a few different conversations such as a list of “Things Hipsters Hate” and a debate about the quality of the tobacco in an American Spirit.