One of Our ‘Ten Worst Tenants’ Is Sentenced


Last week, one of the tenants named on our ‘Ten Worst Tenants’ — our cover story from last week — was sentenced to five years’ probation at the Bronx Supreme Court. Arlether Middleton, a day-care provider who abused her role as tenants’ association president to steal thousands of dollars from her neighbors in a building in the Morrisania section of the Bronx, will also have to pay restitution of around $14,000.

Twana Rose, who served as the tenants’ association’s secretary, will be sentenced later this month. Official sources tell the Voice that she is expected to receive a sentence of between one and three years.

Rose — the daughter in this mother-and-daughter team — is likely to receive a heavier sentence because she is a repeat offender. She had been convicted of stealing money from her fellow tenants years before.

Not only did these tenant leaders rob their neighbors, they also deprived them of the chance to own their own homes. That’s because this building, 783 East 168th Street, was in a city program that would allow rentals to covert to co-ops. Because of financial mismanagement, the building was taken out of the program.