Please Welcome Maura Johnston, Your New Village Voice Music Editor


Good day. It is with great regret that I inform you that this will be my last week at the Voice — I am moving to San Francisco to take a job as managing editor of Rhapsody and raise a child in a slightly larger apartment with (hopefully) in-unit laundry facilities. It is with great pleasure, however, that I announce the indomitable Maura Johnston as the new Voice music editor.

I suspect Maura needs no introduction around here, but just in case, she’s written extensively for Idolator, Popdust, the Awl, and the Voice itself, presiding over our annual F2K shooting gallery with the also-indomitable Christopher R. Weingarten. Her interests include expert Billboard chart analysis, debunking bullshit Internet myths, and Greg Dulli. She’s gonna do fantastic here, as indeed she already has.

As for me, well. This has been a dream job, and though it’s time to move on, it’s awfully hard to leave, and I’m grateful to you all for reading, writing, re-Tweeting, detracting, and however else you chose to react. Special thanks to Voice EIC Tony Ortega, all the stupendously talented writers I’ve worked with lo these last five years, and especially my SOTC cohorts, Camille Dodero and Zach Baron. I’ll be taking my leave on Friday, and Maura will join up shortly thereafter.