Second Explosion at Nuclear Power Plant in Japan; Tsunami Survivor Rescued After Two Days in Sea; Death Toll at 1,833


• A second explosion has occurred at a nuclear power plant in Fukushima, Japan. Yukio Edano, Japan’s chief cabinet secretary, says that it was “unlikely the explosion released large amounts of radiation.” Three reactors at the plant are now having cooling problems, and it’s expected that the cores of two of the reactors have partially melted. [NPR]

• The Atlantic Wire has more on “understanding” the nuclear situation in Japan. [AW]

• The earthquake in Japan may have knocked the earth 3.9 inches off its axis (as one plate slid underneath another) and may provoke aftershocks “for a long time,” say scientists. [Bloomberg]

• The official death toll in Japan is at 1,833. At least 2,369 people are missing. [CNN]

• One tsunami survivor in Japan was rescued after two days spent floating in the ocean, clinging to a piece of roof. [Pat’s Papers]

• 17 U.S. military personnel who assisted with earthquake relief are being treated for low levels of contamination after flying through a radioactive plume from the damaged nuclear power plant. [NYT]

Tickets to Charlie Sheen’s live shows have sold out. He’ll donate a buck from each ticket to Red Cross relief efforts in Japan. Great. [NYP, TOI]