Snake Murdered by Fake Boob [Video]


Back on the Adorable Animals in Trouble beat this Monday, we’ve learned with horror of the tale of the model, the snake, and the poisonous silicone breasts that killed that poor snake when it reacted in the only way it could after Israeli model Orit Fox appeared on a Spanish TV channel and “went to lick” its face. The reptile allegedly bit her boob, which, fortunately for her, was fake, and unfortunately for the snake, was not — the snake died of silicone poisoning.

Fox was given a tetanus shot and discharged; the snake ended up as fertilizer (or whatever happens to dead snakes — ashes to ashes in a coffee can on his mourning handler’s mantle?).

Because this is likely the only chance you’ll ever have to see a snake bite a model’s fake boob, we present the video. Watch with caution if you’re sensitive to Adorable Animals in Trouble, fake boobs, peroxided hair, or much of anything, really. Also, believe as much or as little of this story as you will.

This really makes you wonder about that Cleopatra story, huh? Things could have been a lot different in ancient Egypt if Cleo had gone in for some augmentation.

Snake dies after biting girl’s breast [The Sun, via NYP]