The Charlie Sheen Internship Program: This Is What Happens If You Get to Round Two


Before we all unfollowed Charlie Sheen on Twitter (we did, didn’t we?), we learned that he was looking for an intern. Congrats to Runnin’ Scared reader Alec Jacobs for making the cut out of the initial 82,148 applicants! He got this email, subject line TeamSheen #TigerBloodIntern Next Round this very red-letter afternoon:


What was his winning 75-character missive?

My Twitter is fucking phenomenal @alecjacobs #winning

“I thought I’d be edgy and curse,” he says. “I haven’t heard anything about other people getting it, but I can’t imagine that those 75 characters were so powerful that it’s an elite group that made it to the second round.”

If you have not been so lucky, don’t worry — maybe they’ve only gotten to the J’s. Jacobs says he filled out the application for round two, which was basic resume stuff, “even though my mom told me she would kill me if I actually got it. I don’t think I’ll have to worry too much…”

We won’t worry, either…yet.