The Foot Model and the Doorman: When Love Dies


Closing out a very important series of punny exclusives from the New York Post, the foot model (the “Heidi Klum of foot models,” to be exact), who fell in love with her Upper East Side doorman (they had to hide their love for fear of getting in trouble with the building/neighbors/snotty people who feel that foot models should not be with doormen) has now filed for divorce from her man. Alas.

The foot model, Christine Akman (she goes by the professional name Christina Ambers, for obvious reasons), reportedly filed for divorce from her former doorman Angel Rotger in late February.

The breakup would be a brutal ending to a story-book affair — first chronicled by the Post — that took as many twists and turns as the yellow-brick road.

Among those twists and turns were, of course, Akman’s being the Heidi Klum of foot models, the couple’s meeting one another, falling in love, fear of persecution from other tenants for falling in love, Rotger’s getting fired for falling in love, getting married, the “contused testicle” incident, suing the board for $10 million, moving out of the building, and now…filing for divorce.

And so, another fairy-tale romance bites the dust. Remember the old days? As reported by the Post back in 2009,

Now, instead of carrying bags and opening doors for cranky co-op owners, Rotger spends his days making his model wife happy. “He brings me coffee in bed every morning, and always knows when I want a Diet Coke,” said Ambers.

If those two crazy kids can’t make it work…who can?