Am I as Bad as Calvin Klein?


A gossip reporter from The Daily News contacted me yesterday to ask who the younger guy was that accompanied me to a dinner the reporter was also at the other night.

“A friend,” I told her, simply.

She responded:

“Are you guys seeing one another? He was young and handsome.

“And when you two left, there was a lot of speculation among guests, especially because of the Calvin Klein article you did that received amazing pick-up.”

Yikes! She meant the one where I critiqued Calvin for mistaking a convenient relationship with a 20-year-old for true love.

I replied, “Ha-ha. First of all, he’s 28. Secondly, HE was interested in ME, I swear, but I broke it up before it even happened, because of the age difference.”

(Also, I don’t want a boyfriend.)

It’s the God’s honest truth! If I’m lying, may I forever reek of Thierry Mugler cologne!