Bradley Cooper: “I Wasn’t Fuckable!”


Before you all start panting and having seizures, let me explain.

I was at Bradley Cooper‘s TimesTalk last night, where the Limitless star was delightful, funny, and self-deprecating.

Remembering the early days of his career, he recalled going up for a part, only to have his agent inform him, “They said you’re not fuckable!”

“How do you become more…?” interjected interviewer Davie Itzkoff.

“Fuckable?” replied Cooper. “I just started whoring myself out,” he cracked, as the audience fell apart.

That set the fun tone for the evening, though there were definitely some more poignant moments:

*Cooper admitting he cried while taping the just-aired Inside The Actors Studio, partly because he vividly remembered being a student in the show’s audience.

*The “brutal experience — in a good way” of doing Three Days of Rain on Broadway. (“I lost 17 pounds. I couldn’t sleep or eat. I thought I was gonna get fired.”)

*And being a big Lost fan and happening to be on a set when Matthew Fox walked by. (“I almost had a heart attack. Oh, shit!”)

What wouldn’t Cooper talk about? Two things.

Someone asked about his recent comment that he’d like to be in The Great Gatsby and he replied, “I never should have said that. Kiss of death. No comment.”

And when Itzkoff asked about Mel Gibson reportedly being dumped from a Hangover II cameo:

“Don’t want to talk about that!”

Wow, even in the wake of Charlie Sheen, Mel has literally become unspeakable.