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Broadway Backstage Tension: I’ve Got the Dish


Here’s what a Broadway birdie I totally trust tells me:

A talented actor in a current revival is giving a particularly annoying performance.

It’s showboaty and not nearly as devastatingly charming as he obviously thinks it is.

But adding to the annoyance factor, the actor constantly — and I mean constantly — stopped rehearsals to make things more about himself and ask about stuff like what his motivation was.

(He must have been told: “To overact.”)

One of his male co-stars, a real pro, got extremely irritated by the frequent interruptions and has been fuming about it behind the scenes.

My source says that if the actor’s performance gets some kind of public dissing, more than one of the cast might be popping champagne corks.

Ouch. Break a leg, kids, but don’t hurt anything else.