Carl Paladino Sends Psycho Message After Claims He Owes Campaigners Cash


Yesterday, the hometown paper of failed New York gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino, the Buffalo News, claimed that he owed as much as $130,000 to about a dozen people who worked on his 2010 campaign. Paladino has a history of acting crazy, and rash rants of the racist, homophobic, and all-around insulting variety have become his specialty. After his loss, he wrote a nutty letter to a journalist, blaming the media for his unsuccessful political bid, and is seemingly keeping up that tradition today with a response for the Buffalo News entitled, “SPINELESS AND HIS HATCHET MAN.” In it, he writes angrily that the newspaper folks “live in a bubble” and much, much more. The whole thing is nearly a thousand words and ends with this: “To the thousands of people I have forwarded this memo to please feel free to forward it on to your friends and relatives and reprint it on your blogs and websites.” After the jump, we’ve done just that!

Below via Buffalo’s MetroWNY, by way of Gawker, the whole rant. We’ve emphasized Paladino’s direct refute of yesterday’s claims about money he owes:


You have no idea what it means to be fair and accurate. You already wrote your next dribble. You just want to say that I declined to comment. The community knows how you and your paper work. You live in a bubble. No one with half a brain in WNY cares what you write. You’re a stooge for the spineless Stan Lipsey. Crawl back under your rock and tell spineless it is time to go home to Nebraska.

Your paper has been an elitist and progressive bastion preying on WNY and holding it down. You earned $16 million last year. You endorse incompetents for public office and senseless policies. We have a shameful, dysfunctional education system graduating less than 50% [25% of black males], which is the root problem of most of our social ills, and your paper has supported its incompetent superintendent who the community abhors.

You chastised me with a ridiculous front-page article about two of our properties that aren’t pretty to some neighborhood busy bodies that are clueless about our intentions, actions and the realities of development. Read Business First and Buffalo Rising if you want to learn about balanced journalism in development.

You say nothing about the blight in our city. 10,000 derelict buildings are waiting for demolition at a cost of over $200 million and the City only has money to knock down 300 structures this year but nevertheless brags that they have $80 million in the bank to mollify and get rid of the control board. We have more buildings go into derelict condition than we take down each year. Take spineless with you on a tour of the East side. Show him what our city has come to look like on his watch.

When the casino started construction we demolished the entire interior of 199 Scott St., removed all the dilapidated windows and frames, hauled out 125 dumpsters of trash at significant cost and made the building safe and secure. We intended a hotel/residential project only to have your newspaper support casino opponents who together with a national recession caused the Seneca’s to shut the project down. Add to that your involvement in scaring Bass Pro out of town and the reason for the lack of development may become apparent to you. The two-year recession totally shut down the banks and nothing was being built. Did you notice that? You said it was a fire hazard. There is nothing left inside to burn. No, it was my sign on the building that was bothering spineless and he commissioned his favorite hatchet man to write a hit story about me. It’s called free speech. Funny how spineless can dish it out but can’t take it.

You lied about the Greystone. The building is and has been secure. I can’ t control what happens on the sidewalk. We’ve had workers in the building doing careful and selective demolition for three months due to the nature of the building’s structure. You saw the dumpster. We are also suing the guy who sued us for damages he caused and we suffered as a result of his negligence in tearing down structural walls despite clear warnings. He brought the roof down on himself. He’s another brain surgeon.

You received a message on your blog from an unidentified, disaffected campaign malcontent who has no regard for truth or facts and you think you have a scoop. You don’t. There are people who didn’t get paid for good reason. Everyone who deserved to be paid was paid. They can go to court if they have a complaint. What business is it of yours? It’s a civil matter.

Remember if you write something and have actual knowledge that what you write is not true, it obviates the need to prove malice even for a public person. In any event I believe we can prove malice. I caution you to be careful. Don’t for a minute think that I won’t haul you into court and subpoena every e-mail and document you, spineless and Evans ever wrote about me. I can’t wait to depose the three of you. You better not destroy the records. Judges don’t like people who do that.

You sit in a big room with many people who don’t respect or like you or your fearless editor and publisher and they watch what you do. They are good people with integrity and honor and they want the best for their community. They don’t like elitism nor do they like editorializing on the front page. Truth is truth. Give it up Jim. You are a messed up dude.

Print this as my statement in response to your inquiry.

To the thousands of people I have forwarded this memo to please feel free to forward it on to your friends and relatives and reprint it on your blogs and websites.

Carl Paladino

Dare us to give him a call?