Community Board 3 Says ‘I Don’t Think So’ to Plans for the Old Mo Pitkin’s Space


It seems that Community Board 3 wasn’t reassured by Todd Patrick’s claims that his new performance venue/Mexican restaurant in the former Mo Pitkin’s space won’t be a “rowdy club.”

Eater attended the CB3’s SLA committee meeting last night and reports that although Patrick, partner Phil Hartman, and their attorney presented a strong case for their new project, the board voted 4-3 to deny their application.

Among the reasons for the denial were the oversaturation of liquor licenses on Avenue A and a preponderance of Mexican food in the neighborhood; the involvement of former Aces & Eights leaseholder Jevan Damadian in the project was also problematic, as was the fact that the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre has already set up shop nearby in Hartman’s old Two Boots Pioneer Theater. The denial was prefaced by a great deal of debate among meeting attendees; now it looks like Patrick, Hartman, and company’s best hope is to find an ally up in Albany.