Hilarious Rump Roast, I Mean Trump Roast


Remember when comedy roasts consisted of hilarious old Jews making pesky fun of each other?

Well, now, it’s all kinds of people doing the same, but they all seem, I don’t know…gay.

They out celebrities, make fisting jokes, and refer to Ryan Seacrest‘s asshole.

On last night’s Donald Trump roast on Comedy Central, Whitney Cummings was even announced as “the drag queen of mean”!

And it was all still pretty funny.

Among the highlights:

*Lisa Lampanelli saying, “Marlee Matlin, you read lips. What is my cameltoe saying?”

*Snoop Dogg quipping, “Lisa Lampanelli loves to eat. If you want to fuck her doggie-style, just put a bowl of food on the floor.”


*Snoop remarking about Trump’s alleged presidential bid: “Why not? It wouldn’t be the first time you pushed a black family out of their home!”

Gilbert Gottfried even turned up and made another 9/11 joke.

(He’s probably lucky the roast was taped before the Japanese earthquake.)

Anyway, it’s hard to imagine a gayer evening — except for the Donald’s ridiculous views on marital equality!