NYPD to Buy Bullet-Resistant Boat With $5.2 Million From FEMA


Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly announced today that the NYPD has plans to buy a bullet-resistant boat. Why would you need a bullet-resistant boat, besides bullet-resistant boats being rather awesome indeed? Via the Daily News, “This will provide for the purchase of a high-speed, ballistic-protected vessel to respond to a suicide or live shooter attack in a port area,” Kelly said. “It will also provide for the officer training necessary to deter such threats.”

Such a boat is not cheap, but the NYPD expects to receive $5.2 million from FEMA, which would go toward the purchase. (The overall budget for the next fiscal year, the Daily News points out, is $4.45 billion, down from last year’s $4.88.)

The question remains: What type of fashion does one wear on a bullet-resistant boat? Resort? Military-inspired?

Actually, we hope to never find out.

NYPD plans purchase of bullet-resistant boat to help city better respond to terror threats [NYPD]