Susan Lucci’s Real-Life Soap Operatics Revealed


The worst thing that ever happened to Susan Lucci was finally winning the Emmy Award in 1999.

It suddenly made her less interesting than she was as a perennial bridesmaid, always longing for the validation of her peers.

But she’s still a legend — and really nice, despite the fact that her All My Children character, Erika Kane, has always been the biggest beyotch since Joan Crawford.

And now, Susan has a memoir coming out, clunkily titled All My Life: A Memoir.

It will delve into the glamour and glitter of her glorious life, for sure, but also the dark side of her real-life woes:

To wit:

*The childhood guilt Susan harbored over the death of her dear grandmother

*The car accident that nearly took away her career and her eyesight

“Her newborn son’s life-threatening illness

*Coping with her husband’s cancer

*And the pain of miscarriage — one of the many parallels between her and Erica Kane.

Wait, let me double-check and make sure this isn’t just the TV listing for the next All My Children.