This May Be the Most Heart-Wrenching Photo You Will See Today


WNYC’s Transmitter has posted this photo of a cat struggling to stay above the waters in Japan. It is apparently their most popular Tumblr post. If this doesn’t make your heart ache at least a little, you have no soul. (Larger photo, with perspective, after the jump.)

Awwwww. Go home and hug your cats! (We hope this one made it.)

Update: Via our commenters, it looks like this photo may have been taken before the tsunami — although Tuesday was the 8th, not the 9th, which means the date may be suspect in the first place. At any rate, we hope for the best for this kitty, as well as every person (and animal) affected by the earthquake, tsunami, and aftermath.

Update 2: Sad Japanese Cat Is Reportedly Safe!

[WNYC via Nikki-Meow]